Thursday, July 21, 2011

Accio Fun

We have finally seen the last installment of the Harry Potter films.  Gloriously satisfying for me, but alas Mr. ReddHedd was not as happy with it living up to its billing.

The Peanut, though?  Loved it.

Even more?  She loved the bigger-than-life poster stand-up at the end of the hallway in the movie theater and desperately wanted her photo taken with it.

It's the epic battle of good versus evil versus an 8 year old.

Her latest wish on a star?  To get a Hogwarts letter.  Being a kid is so much fun.

We are home, tired, and beginning to unpack as of yesterday evening.  More about the trip as I become a little more sentient...

PS -- Anyone else think that Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar nod for his performance?  He was brilliant, subtle, poignant and amazing in my opinion, and well worthy of serious consideration given the depth of his scene in Godric's Hollow alone -- beautifully, painfully done.  What did you think, if you've seen the film? 

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