Friday, June 10, 2011

Strawberry Days

'Tis the season for luscious berries, ripe and ready to be eaten at our house. 

Which is one of the happier times of the year for me, frankly.  I love berries.

I'm planning on some strawberries and angel food cake drizzled with vanilla yogurt sauce as this weekend's dessert-y goodness, but I'm definitely open to more ideas.

Which is why I decided to compile some recipes to share with everyone.  Enjoy!

Strawberry Recipes Galore:

-- Fresh Strawberry Pie
-- Strawberry Shortcake
-- Herbed Romaine Salad with Strawberries
-- Strawberries with Orange-Ricotta Cream
-- Strawberry-Port Jam
-- Strawberry-Pancake Roll-ups (like crepes kinda)
-- Spring Greens with Strawberries and Honey-Watermelon Dressing
-- Strawberry Angel Cake
-- Strawberry-Lemon Spread
-- Strawberry Fromage Blanc Tartlets
-- Free Form Strawberry Cheesecake
-- Frozen Strawberry Freezer Jam
-- Strawberry Fields Forever Salad
-- Strawberry-Rhubarb Fruit Bars
-- Citrus-Infused Strawberries
-- Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich (this has tea party written all over it!)
-- Grilled Chicken Salad with Fresh Strawberry Dressing
-- Strawberry Topping
-- Strawberry, Melon and Avocado Salad

(Yummy macro shot of strawberries via ^riza^.  Love the way the color just pops in this.  Lovely!

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