Friday, June 24, 2011

Heading To The Peanut's Art Show

Life here has been super quiet all week long because The Peanut has been away at grandma's house attending art camp.  Today is my favorite day of the whole experience:  she gets to come home, but only after we tour through all the artwork the kids have made this week at their "Art Show."

They make a big production of it, and the kids love it because everyone's parents walk around loudly proclaiming how wonderful all the artwork is, and then the kids spend time giggling over the compliments.

The truly fun part is that some of it ends up being really, really good. 

We loved one of The Peanut's pieces last year so much that we have it hanging in our living room, even a year later.

Mr. ReddHedd was out of town last year at a meeting and didn't get to go, but he's going with me this year because I had so much fun.  There is just something really awesome and infectious about kids who love art.

I wish we could find a way to bottle that enthusiasm and optimism for later in life.  That would come in seriously handy, wouldn't it?

(Photo via  Love the visual pop of the individual buttons and colors in this -- well done!)

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