Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planting While The Sun Shines

The weather is finally cooperating today, with enough sunshine this morning for me to get my tomato plants into our little Square Foot Garden along with several basil plants.

Which sorts of tomato plants, you ask?  Two cherry tomatoes, one grape tomato, two Better Boys, a couple of heirloom slicers and one Mr. Stripey just for kicks.


I also got some flowers potted for our front entry -- a large, mixed pot with trailing sweet potato vine, verbena, wave petunias, a tallish center spiky plant that is a cool burgundy color, some daisy-like yellow plants for height and a pop of color, and some lantana for the butterflies.  It looks gorgeous -- I was going for the Walt Disney World planter effect.  Also put together a hanging basket and a couple of other smaller planters for our front steps.  Whew!

The rest of my front porch pots are full of pansies at the moment, but as things heat up they will be replaced with herbs for the kitchen instead.  

We at least look like summer may appear at some point, even if we have more thunderstorms and cooler weather on the horizon for later today.  I figured if I got everything nicely settled this morning, I could let a few days of rain help it to root in nicely without having to lug the watering can around the yard.

It's nice to accomplish something today, anyway.

And after a nice, long, cool shower?  I plan to sit on my rump, sip some iced coffee, and read.  It has been a long, long week, and it isn't over yet, so I'm going to rest up a little while I can and try to kick my nasty case of bronchitis to the curb. 

How are things with all of you?

(Photo of tomato flowers via  Jennuine Captures.)

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