Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Day In The Garden

This morning dawned sunny, if not a wee bit on the chilly side.  First day without pouring rain on the horizon for ages.

Tomorrow, though?  Rain is in the forecast again.

So I'm out to take advantage of the sunshine while I can.  If you need me?  I'll be in the yard, planting, weeding and just generally beautifying our outside spaces.

Ooooooh, now that is a good day at my house.  How are things growing where you live?

UPDATE:  Weeded out some flower beds?  Check.  Weeded out my square foot garden, including transplanting several johnny jump-ups that had spread themselves here, there and everywhere around the square foot gardening bed?  Yeppers.  (Note to self:  never let The Peanut talk me into planting a small, beautiful but exceptionally prolific and seedy perennial near the garden again.)  Planted arugula, red lettuce, broccoli and Swiss chard?  Done and yay.  Plus I have returns of Italian flat leaf parsley and some sage, as well as onions -- hoorah.  Got four containers of pansies finally planted for my front porch as well.  Plus, I've refilled the bird feeders, which were pitifully empty.

And now?  I need a really good shower, and something to eat.  I'm worn out.

(Photo of my square foot garden last spring.  Will take some pix when I get this year's planting going, after some serious weeding today.  I'm behind schedule with all this rain...and it shows.)

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Christy Hardin Smith said...

Progress update from the morning's labors above...