Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Tip

I went to Target this morning to pick something up for my organization-palooza project that I'm doing with The Peanut's craft closet.  (Long story short:  it's become a mess, and I'm going to revamp it and will pop up some pictures for everyone  when we are done.)

Long-time readers will recall that last year, we did a birthday party for The Peanut in an Alice in Wonderland theme that was very popular with her and her 7-year-old pals.

Here's the news from this morning:  if you are similarly planning an Alice in Wonderland party for your child or an upcoming tea party for some afternoon fun, our local Target -- and I'd assume Targets across the US, since they have similar stock in most stores -- had some great Disney Alice in Wonderland coloring books, little journals and other assorted items in the dollar section up front.

I snagged a couple of coloring books for the upcoming Easter basket at our house or maybe for our next rainy afternoon tea party.  (Mom tip:  I tend to stock up on cute coloring books from the dollar bin so we always have them on hand for a bad weather day diversion.)

Thought party planners might get some use out of this tip as well.

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