Monday, March 7, 2011

Trudging The Artist's Way

I have gotten to Week 4 of The Artist's Way.

This is the week where you do reading deprivation, and you have to pretty much dive right in to all those annoying thoughts rambling around in your head in order to meet your demons and your inner critics head on.  This is the week I always crash and burn in my Artist's Way work.

How am I doing this time, you ask?

I'm putting off the reading deprivation until after the Artist's Way retreat that I'll be attending this coming weekend.  I thought it would be useless to try and do a reading deprivation while I'm at a seminar.

And, frankly, I'll be more motivated to do it right after I've spent 3 whole days with Julia Cameron.  Won't I?  Here's hoping, anyway.

In any case, the exercises have been tough this time around, because I'm doing them in depth this time around.  To the extent that I can do extra digging -- that is, when the entire family isn't either barfing or hacking up a lung due to unexpected swine flu or having major eye surgery or some such distraction like we've had the last couple of weeks.

If the universe is trying to test my resolve on this, I have but one thing to say:  good job, nice test, please stop now because I am still trudging my way forward.

(Lovely photo via ~jjjohn~.  The starkness of the trees contrasted with the richness of the colors here fit my mood perfectly.)

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