Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I never thought I'd say these words in a happy tone, but "Hooray!  PJ has a bladder infection!"

Which means I didn't have to make a decision on end of life issues for her today, because she can most likely be treated with antibiotics.  So long as that really is all we are dealing with for her, that is, which we won't know for sure until we see how she does with the meds.

As things stand now, she's home and resting as comfortably as a nervous dog can when she's stuck in the kennel, has had to make an extended trip to the vet, and been made to take medicine.  We are to give her antibiotics and keep her resting as much as possible, and we'll re-evaluate how she's doing in a couple of days once the antibiotics have had time to kick into her system.

If she's improving, then we know this was our issue.  If not?  Then we'll have to see where we are from there.

I had girded myself up to have to make a decision in her best interests this morning, after a long bout of sobbing while doing some research about end of life considerations for your pets on the ASPCA website and elsewhere.  There was more sniffling on the car on the drive over, but I'd managed to sort of make peace with things and be ready to await our vet's diagnosis by the time we got there because PJ was so clearly uncomfortable.

And then?  It turns out that some of the discomfort may have been at least partially due to an infection.  So we give her some meds and hope, and wait to see if that is, indeed, the case.  She'll be 15 in June this year, so you just never know at this age what might crop up next, but I'm hoping for the best for now.

Serious relief here.  My pooch is home with the rest of the pack, and I have a reprieve from any difficult decision at least for a few days.  Good thoughts and prayers appreciated for our wee doggie.

Personally?  I need a nap, I slept horribly last night. 

(Photo by Christy Hardin Smith.)

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Sharon said...

So happy for this good news! Thanks for letting us know. Take care.