Thursday, March 10, 2011

Artist's Way Seminar: Detour

Yesterday was a long, long drive from West Virginia to Massachusetts.  It has been a while since I've spent that much time in the car by myself.

And the horrible snow/sleet/ice conditions I hit in Maryland yesterday morning were not helpful on the front end.

But the good news? 

I woke up this morning in Northampton, MA -- home of my alma mater, Smith College, and all sorts of funky and fun things to do.   Think I might try to catch a little of the bulb show at the Lyman Conservatory while I'm in town.

I could use a little taste of spring, and to fill the well with some lovely flowers.

Today I'm going out to enjoy a little college nostalgia, pick up a new Smith sticker for my car window and a "Future Smithie" shirt for The Peanut, and just putter around and remember what it was like to feel full of promise and drive and endless possibilities.

Maybe it is just because I'm exhausted from all the driving yesterday -- 10+ hours in the car will do that to you, I suppose -- but I'm feeling like a shadow of my former, younger self these days.  I don't recognize the tired, frumpy mess in the mirror at the moment.

Do all women go through this at some point mid-life, or is it just me?

In any case, I'm out for a little carpe diem restoration this morning, and then it is a short drive over to Kripalu where I'll be doing the Artist's Way seminar. 

I got into Northampton yesterday evening, checked into the hotel and then headed out to find some food.  I had packed a cooler for the drive, so I only had to stop at rest stops or for gas.  But munching on crackers, cheese and grapes began to wear thin about dinner time.

Had a lovely meal at an Asian fusion restaurant downtown called Zen.  Their Malaysian curry noodles were great, and the Kirin beer I ordeered with them was perfect. 

Northampton looks a lot the same -- Spoleto and Fitzwilliams are still there as downtown restaurant stalwarts, for example, but my favorite Chinese place is no longer there.  Boo hoo.  I'll get a peek at what else is going on today -- should be a little glimpse into life in my old stomping grounds anyway before the hour or so drive to Lenox, MA.

Should be a fun day, and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow once I've snagged a little more sleep. 

(Couldn't sleep well last night.  Hotel rooms on my own are not something I'm used to these days, and sleep was tough to manage, even with the driving exhaustion.  Don't you hate that?)

(Photo of the boat house on Paradise Pond at Smith College in Northampton, MA via fakoman.)

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