Friday, February 25, 2011

On The Verge...

Greetings from "Desperately Needs A Margarita-Ville."

On today's roster?  Husband who just had cataract surgery, is doing well, but has long follow-up appointment with doctor.  Child who has a rotten case of the flu, is running a fever over 103 degrees and is barfing.

And me?

About to lose my mind trying to take care of two people I love, all at the same time.

Motherhood.  It's not for sissies.

If only I could have the time and the space to actually have a margarita.  But, alas, my over-developed sense of duty and responsibility won't let me because I need to be the sharp one in the house.

Did I mention it is snowing again?  Of course it is.

Hope your weekend is a good one.  If we can get The Peanut's fever down to a manageable level, mine will be a whole lot better.

(Photo of a delish looking margarita via The Culinary Geek.  Wouldn't it be awesome if they had a delivery truck for margaritas and/or cosmos?)


Toni said...

Christy, have you tried alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol? My youngest gets horrible fevers frequently, and we sometimes have to resort to the Ibuprofen-Tylenol routine. Good luck with everything.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Toni -- yeah, we are doing that right now. She went into see her doctor this morning and tested positive for flu. There is a particularly virulent strain going around school at the moment and, alas, she appears to have caught it. So, we've started her on meds and are alternating tylenol and ibuprofin and pushing fluids, popsicles and such as much as we can. Thank goodness for DVDs and a cozy sleeping bag to nest in on the couch, but momma is going to need an early bedtime tonight, too, I'm afraid -- it's just been one of those weeks here.