Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Lifelong Wish List

If I have learned anything from this massive leg burn of mine (other than to keep dogs and hot pots of soup completely separate at all times, of course) and from every other calamity and devastating loss our family has lived through this year, it is this: 

You have to enjoy every single day, with whatever ups and downs it throws you, and you have to take the risks and challenge yourself to push forward even when you are frightened of failure...because you never know what is just around the next corner that could take away your opportunity to even try.

My mobility has been seriously challenged the last few days -- let's just say that securely bandaging and wrapping your upper leg isn't the easiest of engineering feats.  Which has led me to contemplate what life might be like for me in my dotage when joint issues and age fuse into much less ability to do all of the active things I want to do.

I find myself saying internally:  "If I don't start doing them now, when will I ever get to do them?"  

I've been thinking that a lot this week:  all the travel, the getting in better shape, the picnics I've been meaning to have and never got around to packing yet...all of it needs to be more urgent because the days fly by whether we fully savor them or not.

Honestly, who wouldn't rather savor each and every one of their days than simply just exist in them, buffeted by whatever life happens to blow by you on the way to the end of the journey?

Today, I'm vowing to be more conscious of how I'm spending my time, my efforts and my energy.  And I'm going to spend a bit of my time today thinking about the things I want to do that are active this year -- and figuring out a way to make them happen.

So take a moment today to give yourself the same gift:  what's on your lifetime wish list?  And what can you do to make it happen this year?  Come on, you deserve it!

(Photo of Egypt's shifting sands via ecreyes.  Love this shot!)

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