Friday, January 14, 2011

A Tea To Recommend

This afternoon, The Peanut and I went to a memorial for a friend of mine who passed away after a long and rather grueling battle with cancer.  It seems I have stumbled into that stage of life where friends and relatives begin to leave me with more frequency.

It sucks.  Big time.

Losing people you care about is never easy.  And I suppose it won't get any easier going forward either, will it?

This is especially hard because the last time I saw her, she was doing rather well and at the tail end of the chemo (which, alas, ended up not being the last of the chemo after all, much to all of our sorrow), and she was cheery and shopping with her mother and we had a laugh about some bit of news about a mutual acquaintance and we promised to keep in touch, which we then proceeded not to do because she got horribly sick and then we lost our sister-in-law and life took me down a path which kept me from visiting for far too long.  It is something I very much regret, now, but just one of those things in life that regrettably happens when things get insanely busy and complicated.

In any event, earlier in the day, I had gone grocery shopping and, on a whim, picked up a box of tea  -- Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine -- that caught my eye.  I'm not normally a green tea lover, because too often it tastes so much less like tea and so much more like badly brewed hay.

But this is a revelation.  It is wonderful, and just the soothing warm cup of comfort that I needed this evening.

It is so good that I had to sit down and recommend it to all of you, in case you have been needing a new tea or a cup of comfort for yourself.  Here's to a better week ahead for everyone.

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barbara said...

To a better week -- year -- indeed. La chaim.