Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Snow Days? More Garden Planning Dreams

It has been cold and snowy here all weekend, with more fluffy snow falling on the remnants from the day before since Thursday evening.

Today finally dawned fairly sunny, but still icy cold.  The birdies are taking full advantage of the well-filled feeders...which as of this afternoon are more like emptying-quickly feeders, to be honest.

I've been huddling inside, trying not to scratch at my healing burn (why oh why does this have to itch so badly, even with copious amounts of ointment and my guzzling water?!?) and busying my mind with gardening books and plans for next spring. 

After making pancakes and sausage for everyone for breakfast here, I feel like I've earned a little bit of lazy Sunday.  Hope you are having a good day wherever you are, too.

(Photo via Ken Douglas.  Lovely shot -- the color is especially gorgeous in a larger size print.)

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