Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Clear The Clutter Club Check-In

Time for another check-in for everyone on how things are going with resolutions, hopes, and possibilities.

It was a busy week last week at our house, but I managed to do fairly well with several of my resolutions, including:

-- We ate really well last week, and have a full week of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet under our belt.  Eating more healthfully has its payoff: my mind is clearer, I am feeling less blah overall, and I've managed to somehow lose 7 pounds.  Woo hoo!  Once I can add some real exercise back into the mix (when my leg finishes healing) I'm going to really be on the right path.  This has been as much an exercise in re-learning self-discipline as anything else for me, I'd been letting far too much of my life slide.  Now to regain my footing, one step at a time, eh?

-- Some serious straightening of the living room and sunroom has begun, and our downstairs is already looking better for it.  One thing I've discovered is that this ginormous burn on my leg is taking more energy from me for healing than I suspected when I couldn't get up and move around much -- I tire much more easily, and I suspect it's a combination of the healing burn and the reaction that my lupus issues have had with it.  Either way, I refuse to give up altogether and am just doing work in spurts, with bouts of rest peppered here and there in between.  It's nice to feel like I'm making a little headway.

-- I've started working on note for the novel, writing down character sketches and pulling together bits and pieces that I've got strung out over two purse-sized journals, old napkins, and other detritus scattered to the four winds.  It's jogging my brain on some of the funnier scene ideas I've had and why I really want to write this in the first place.  I've actually done a little writing this week, not a lot, but it's a start and I will absolutely take that and then some.

-- Also, I've finally called and made appointments to get our westie groomed, get the oil changed in my car, and a haircut.  It's nice to be able to get up and around again.  Now to schedule an appointment with my doc so I can get in for my mammogram, and I'll actually be back on track.  It's a miracle.

So, that's my report.  How are things with you?  Going well?  Going really crappy, and you need a shoulder to cry on?  Somewhere in between those two?  Do tell...

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Sharon said...

Way to go, Christy!

I spent the morning getting financial stuff cleared out and organized. I had 2 months of bank statements to reconcile. I'm also throwing away unnecessary paper, and the hardest part is knowing what to toss and how to keep the rest. Baby steps ...

I made some hummus for lunch and it felt very satisfying to eat it with cherry tomatoes. I am trying to ask myself what I'm really hungry for and then make it at home. I have been CocaCola-free since before the New Year, and have lost the desire, which is huge for me. I am enjoying green tea, with lemon and a little honey, and I am strangely wanting iced tea right now, even in the cold cold weather. (Now I wonder if I have shared all of that before about the cola and the tea. Oh well, it still applies and I still feel good about it!)

I have been totally out of the mood to write for way too long, so it is encouraging to hear your enthusiasm for your writing. I am trying to just let that be what it is for now. I did write one blog post that was heavily prompted. Maybe that's a start!

Thanks for sharing what's going on and for giving us a place to check in.

Christy Hardin Smith said...

Sharon, I hear you on being out of the mood to write. I'm having trouble getting back into the swing on fiction, mostly because the real world keeps intruding on every little scrap of time I keep trying to set aside for writing. I have to find some way to not care when that happens and do it anyway, but I haven't found my magic bean as yet...