Saturday, December 18, 2010

We took The Peanut to see a performance from the Vienna Boy's Choir yesterday evening.

They were quite good -- especially a few of the soloists who really sang well.

The most fun was watching her watch them sing. Especially when she recognized a Christmas carol that they were singing and realized she knew parts of it, at least, too.  (It's hard to know that it is the same song when you know it in English and they are singing in German, but the melody still remains constant and she caught on pretty quickly.)

It was odd to juxtapose some of the younger boys who were surely close to her age with her in my own mind.

How hard would that be as a parent to send your child on a world tour with any choir, even a world-renowned one?  But if your child had a musical gift, wouldn't it perhaps be worse to held them back?  Tough questions to have to ask and answer, I'd suspect.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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